Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Adventure Cove Waterpark


Our very first trip to the Adventure Cove Waterpark!
were dupz excited while making our way to Sentosa

But we have proven that a curse exist (nothing has ever been this accurate)
EVERY SINGLE TIME we make plans for the beach / pool,
the clouds turn dark.
It rains. IT POURS.

The sun was up and shining when we made our way to Sentosa

Then dark clouds decided to join us when we finally got to the entrance.


Skies maintained while we checked the place out.

IMG-20150314-WA0019 Trev getting all hesitant when we got to the wavepool


Wishy washy heehee
Taking some time to warm up


Leisurely floated along the Adventure River
Personally found this especially enjoyable when we floated past the Stingray Bay








Smiling rays!

With a kid in tow, (Trev couldn’t play the other available adultish slides due to height requirements)
We weren’t able to try out most of the slides at the park.

At one point, we parked Trev with the staff and went to try out the Whirlpool Washout
Indicated waiting time was 30mins but was told that it usually takes lesser time than that


Trev told us he’d wait and that we can go ahead
So we both took the float and headed up the flight of stairs to queue

I think it really took close to 30 minutes
we felt so bad we had to take turns to go down the stairs to reassure Trev,
just in case he thought we had forgotten him
He was so obedient & that made us feel double bad

It was that one ride, for us.
& we decided that Trev will call the shots on what and where to next.

Thankful that the skies maintained til towards closing
It started pouring!

GOPR0129Mandatory shot even under the heavy downpour


No idea what he meant but he looks funny

Check out the videos we took
No fancy editing just raw clips HAHA
But i super love the part where Trev says :
“The adventure cove is at sentoSAAAAAA CHEEEEEESE!!”
cuteness starts from 0:40

Trev self manages the GoPro
while making his way up the Big Bucket Treehouse
& sliding down
He had loads of fun there!!

Great fun watching him have fun.
Would love to return soon!