Thursday, January 01, 2015

Best of 2014

January – A truly memorable family trip to Phuket. It’s wasn’t easy having everyone set work commitments aside for a family trip but we did! Sis was pregnant, Dad happened to have plans to come back to Singapore, promo for flight via Jetstar & BAM we’re going!


FebruaryChinese New Year, the first time Dad & Alex officially met. Dad went back to Shanghai after a month long stay with us.



March – Most anticipated Boracay trip with Alex. Proud of myself to plan the entire trip from scratch including sourcing for affordable flights and accommodation as well as places of interest. Our first flight together. Seeking adventure and the adrenaline rush we achieved the 5m, 10m 15m cliff jump together (something to strike off my to-do list) The entire trip was a total adventure for the both of us, definitely one of the best trips with great memories etched deep in our hearts and mind.



A traveler's month. 2nd trip in March was to Bali with 2 of my best girls, Shiying & Dongmin. My 1st trip to Bali, awesome company, hugeass Villa with a private pool. O, the chatter & insane amount of photos we took throughout the trip.
Not forgetting that I almost died (held on to my dear life) at Nusa Dua Beach on board the Big Mabel Float (sea sport activity) Something I’ll never forget. First at Parasailing & water rafting. Best catch of the trip, an amazing tan.


– Queen’s month. The month where I get real broke. Like mother like son, our birthdays had to be in the same month. 7th, Trev’s birthday staycation @ Amara Sanctuary Resort. Him all happy, makes me happy. Sentosa again for my Birthday on 20th. Loved ones, simple affair, watching Trev freak on the skyride amused us.



May – King’s month. All hail the King. Alex’s weekly NDP rehearsals starts. Every. Single. Saturday. His Birthday falls on 10th. Staycation @ Carlton City Hotel. We sorta splurged on Todai and crabs made my man really happy. Surprised him with a video I made with the help of his friends from Iron Fitness Singapore.


June – Colleague turned girlfriend is off the hook! Wedding banquet at her hometown in Malaysia, Tampin. HOMG 1st time ever as a bridesmaid. Road trip to Tampin, Malacca & homestay experience. Trev’s 1st NDP experience to an NDP rehearsal!




July – Made a huge decision. Tendered my resignation at SPOC and made a switch to a branding agency. Made another huge decision. Got tickets and accommodation booked. For a trip with just Trev and I. 4D3N Bangkok, just you and I. A personal breakthrough. Felt so accomplished. Great bonding trip with Trevieboy.




August – Kicked start the month at the new company. New colleagues, bosses, office, job scope. New job, no break. Wasn’t easy learning from scratch. Eventually felt out of place, could not adapt, company was restructuring at the same time. Meetings x Meetings. Networking events x Networking.  I was so happy and comfortable in SPOC. Why did I leave in the first place?


September –  I left SPOC because there was a problem. After 1 month and 10 days away from SPOC, it turned out the problem was no longer gonna be a problem. So when SPOC had a better offer. I took it. Left the new job. Back at SPOC the 3rd day. Happiest choice made. I AM BACK


October – Trev’s first performance in school. Teared cuz he grows too quick. Bangkok trip with Alex. He is finally convinced of going to Bangkok with me. His first! Loves the food there but does not quite approve of my shopper alter ego.
Another great trip together, with us growing closer.



November  – MONTH OF WEDDINGS & somehow, birthday celebrations.



December –  A 3D2N Staycation with my loved ones @ Village Hotel Changi 2 weeks before Christmas. Spent our Christmas together by getting fat on Pizza. 28th Dec, Alex was activated for search and rescue for the missing AirAsia QZ8501 plane. Its past 12mn and its year 2015, a brand new year. Though it would have been nice to spend the first and last moments of the new and past year cuddling with you, there are greater things you must do and we are all proud of you. Miles apart but close at heart. X



2014 had been an eventful year.
I am thankful and have learnt so much from the experiences in this past year.
Counting my blessings, giving my thanks, to my friends & family members who gave me a sense of direction when I was lost
They supported me when I needed support. Go for it, they said. Fight for it.
It was them who said It’s okay, never fear, all you have to do is try again. 

Challenges I faced, I’ve overcome.

Come what may, I’m ready. 2015 be good. Be real good. (: