Monday, October 06, 2014

Too much to catch up on


Yall would have probably seen from my IG that I’ve left my job SPOC in July


Went into sales at a branding & creative agency
@ TripleOne Somerset
Started in the month of Aug

Loved the waiting area
But office space is very small

cuz It was still, a serviced office space


20140806_094043Apple for the creative people


Acer for the not so creative me

& I’ve since left my new job due to some reasons
and I am back at SPOC muahahahaha

Its a long story
But I survived in the new job for 1 month & 10 days

K now, behold the office selfies

C360_2014-08-19-09-53-07-981   C360_2014-08-20-13-41-14-467     C360_2014-09-04-09-20-38-343

Before I left SPOC,
I intro-ed Salina in to take over
& on the first day of work (for me)
We met and had a “celebratory” Jasmine survived her first day out of her comfort zone dinner
at Swee Choon   





& a random insert of our waffle night

C360_2014-07-28-21-53-58-984 C360_2014-07-28-21-54-20-221

C360_2014-08-02-22-15-52-107 C360_2014-08-02-22-16-20-083 C360_2014-08-02-22-16-49-527 

ICE3 Waffles FTW
p/s Serangoon Gardens


& again a random insert of our Steamboat dinner
@ Chuan Wang Fu, Teck Chye Terrace


20140727_184754 20140727_193936

Mad woman whack super a lot of quail eggs
If its true that 1 quail egg is doubled the cholesterol of a normal egg,
This woman is going DOWN lol

Bf and I brought Trevie to the S.E.A Aquarium on one of the weekends too!




C360_2014-08-16-12-50-33-138  C360_2014-08-16-13-23-20-325 C360_2014-08-16-17-10-58-542 C360_2014-08-16-17-59-33-369 C360_2014-08-16-18-47-23-164

Siao on healthy Friday night run with Pearl @ Punggol Promenade

IMG_20140823_010813 IMG_20140823_042630

& the night runs with Trev



So happy that I finally got to go to Five & Dime Eatery with Dongs & Trev
Been wanting to try the liu sha lava cake & mentaiko pasta!

   C360_2014-09-11-15-59-25-363  C360_2014-09-11-16-09-34-821 C360_2014-09-11-16-56-21-113


 20140911_155801 20140911_160736
True enough, the mentaiko pasta is AWESOME



Ending this random post with my LOVES

C360_2014-07-29-21-24-58-936  IMG_20140729_232629 IMG_20140730_090152

SO SO SO SO SO love my dearest two XOXO.