Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sally's Wedding in Tampin

A road trip to Malaysia to attend Sally's wedding!
We shared the costs to rent a car and made our way to her hometown in Tampin

Spent our first night at Sally's friend's place JUST RIGHT BESIDE hers.
Got up early, prepped and simply walked over to her place.

Dressed in white, ready for gate crashing

Wasabi on toothbrushes hiak hiak

Here comes the suave Groom
Like an actor right out from TVBS hahahaha

 then the games begin!

The bride and groom

A long and tiring morning!

Shifted our barangs to the homestay Sally arranged for us.
Super huge and comfy. 
Had a great nap there before attending her wedding dinner.

Group pic!

 Got back to our homestay after the dinner
with plans to drive down to Malacca for a night out with the rest

Club mixx @ Malacca

Any club in msia easily owns sg's

Got up the next day and embarked on our trip to Malacca againz
This time round for FOOD

 Did a foot massage for the sake of WIFI
Almost died without internet connectivity

Didn't have enough time to whack the food at Jonker st
But still, a great road trip!