Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pony Ride @ Gallop Stables Punggol

Headed out to Gallop Stables at Punggol
with sis and family on a Saturday!

The gallop wagons (chalets) looked interesting! 
Deluxe Wagon charges: $170 (Weekdays) / $200 (Weekends)
Not exactly cheap given that its located at the far end of punggol

Got the boys their tickets for the pony ride 
$10 for a 5 mins ride?
A quick one but the boys loved it!

Pony rides are available from Mon-Fri
10am to 7pm (timing subjected to changes) @ Punggol
Do check out their site cuz it seems like the timings differ for the different locations

BIL feeding the pony carrots

Thought Trev would freak

But he did well!

Isaac up next!

Calm and steady

He's like, maintain maintain, no big movements!