Monday, July 29, 2013

Singapore Hawker Heroes VS Gordon Ramsay Cook Off!

Duper excited for work at the Gordon Ramsay event held at Newton Circus

It was packed with lottttts of hardcore Gordon Ramsay fans!

The crowd went cray when he finally arrived!

He was THAT near to us
& he spoke to ussssssss!! zomg
"So how do you guys differentiate the hawkers' and mine?"
with that British accent *swoons*

Where the preparation of food was held

with Zie and Jiawen

Following him around to snap pictures after food redemption duties ended heehee

with Gordon Ramsay's assistants

& Finally a picture with Ramsay!!

SPOC team FTW!

A box full of Gordon Ramsay's version of our local chicken rice!

Red lid - Local hawker's 328 Katong Laksa
White lid - Gordon Ramsay's

Tasted GR's food. I can die happy hahahaha

SPOC & Gordon Ramsay FTW!!!!