Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Twelve Years

Its goodbye and farewell to my crib of 12 years!

We've moved once before,
but i was too young to recall anything 

THIS is the one place I call home
The one place where I've had the MOST memories

I love Sengkang for life.

 In a mess

the movers came and brought the boxes and bulky items away

 my room while in the midst of packing

sweeping it up after the movers moved everything out of my room
instantly got echo ha ha

panicky mom and not panicky dad

 See u soon, boxes!

went with my parents to their new flat (where i will be staying too)
before any renovations

Mum and Dad are gonna re paint the place,
fix up new aircon, get new appliances
& its very much ok to move in already

Because its a really busy period for my parents,
Arrangements were made for Trev and I to stay in a room at Uncle Peter's place
for a month 

Still in Sengkang
and its just above Trev's sch

Trev, my helpful mover 
Moving his precious bag of cars over to Uncle P's place

THANKFUL for the HELP I received while moving
thou it was jus a few blks away,
I had an insane amount of stuff
so it was still a lotta hard work

 Our first night there
Now im starting to think that our queen size bed is too small
This setting is so much better

On our own! 
Now i have to do all laundry on my own ZZZ


Have not made plans for Trev's school 
So I'm not exactly anticipating the move to our new place YET.

Have to adapt to the new neighbourhood
Learn how to get around