Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Legoland Malaysia!

Hi! Its been so long!

K im back now.
We went on a day trip to Legoland Malaysia on the 13th of Oct!

Got the package tru Hub’s Chevrons membership.
Had to board the coach at Chevrons (friggin Jurong fyi)
early in the morn at 830am


With our Legoland tickets!


i dont know to love or hate Trev’s bushy helmet head

Camera 360
Snapped away before the coach sets off

Arrived at a hawker somewhere in JB for breakie!

Camera 360

Camera 360
Carrot cake for Trevie and I

Camera 360

Camera 360
Hub’s kolo mee

Camera 360



Took us less than 20mins and we’re HERE~~

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360
All excited!

Camera 360
The passing Legoland Express!

King Trev just couldn’t put his leg down for a proper pic
Because it was wet. DUH

First up!
Junior Driving School!

One thing I didn’t really like about this was that

Y’know its not called JUNIOR driving school for nothing right?
Some kids were like 4+ 5?
but majority were like Trev’s age or even younger

Juniors dont queue very well
& parents were told to step out as in WAY OUT
If the kid walks away from his or her line,
or simply lets another kid cut infront

the staff does nothin about it
one really rude staff even yelled at parents to step out
she was quite rough with the kids too

Hubby couldnt care less and stood by him
while I waited behind the barriers
Hubs beside him like that ALSO CANNOT LEH seriously

Camera 360
Hubby came out and joined me
only when he’s finally 1st in line

Phew it was so chaotic Trev almost wanted to give up queuing

Camera 360
Trev really enjoyed the ride though
A short but enjoyable ride for him!



Camera 360


The other driving course which looks like its so much fun!
But its only for kids aged 6 and above ZZ

reminded me of my dreadful TP
*s h u d d e r s*

It was really crowded but because the place was SOOOO huge
it felt pretty much ok

Camera 360
Trev wants MORE fun LESS pictures

Camera 360
Really wanted to give the Boating School a go
but waiting time was like 45 to 60 mins
INSANE so we skipped it

SO fun!!

Camera 360

Camera 360
My QT!

Camera 360
Big kid

The Shipyard is a hugeass playground



& indeed,
as what Ive researched online,
there were indeed ONLY baby/skinny Trees throughout the park LOLL


Camera 360

Took the Legoland Express!

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360


The Rescue Academy

Walked in without knowing how the ride works

I wanted to leave when I knew what it was about

U have to cooperate with ur partner
Pump unglamly on the lever in the vehicle to make it move
Race with 3 other trucks
Run down aim and spray water to put out the fire
then back in and pump unglamly again


Camera 360

Camera 360

Headed over to the restaurant for lunch!

Camera 360
Everywhere we queue
Everywhere he wait hahaha

Camera 360

It started pouring after lunch SOB SOB
p.s no shelter at Legoland
U get drenched or buy a SGD 30 umbrella

Camera 360
Lucky for us it went away FOR A SHORT WHILE

Camera 360
Happy Trevie and his daddy <3

Camera 360

Camera 360
It was drizzling so we skipped this

Camera 360
we were dead serious about attempting this ride with Trev

Camera 360
Needs at least 1.2m in height to take the ride

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

My cuties!
Look at the dark grey skies

Family pic! lovelovelove

hub took this pic for us
I was like WHATS THE POINT hahaha only the feet!



Headed in to this room
filled with lots and lots and lots of Lego pieces
where you can go freestyle hahaha

To build a building so tall and strong that even when it trembles like its experiencing an earthquake, it doesnt collapse

Trev spent the rest of the day with the lego bricks there

It was a great trip with the fam!
I think Legoland is suited best for kids 4yo and above

We’ll probably make a trip back here once the Legoland Hotel is ready!