Monday, July 30, 2012

Trevie B

A little update on Trev!
At 3years plus he can really yada all day long!

Camera 360
Semi dressed up for school’s Racial Harmony Day
cuz the pants was still TOO long

Camera 360
took awhile to convince him to get dressed in this

CUZ HE SAID “I scared of dragon”
uh duh.. HAHAHA

Camera 360
Came home with lots of henna tattoo from school!
Cute design of a car!

Camera 360

I’ll try to always get him a little snack whenever I get the chance to pick him up from school
Bad junkie mommy! BAD BAD! hahahaha

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

His girlfriend in school

His teachers told me they’d tease them in school
if they asked Huiting to go sit with ur boyfriend
or Trev go sit with ur girlfriend
They’d look for one another HAHAHA

Camera 360
The smile that makes my day!
Even after a hard day at work <3

Camera 360
Always have his dinner early once he gets home
Then to shower!
He then dedicates his soul attention to his cars until bedtime

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360
Trev loves Twelvecupcakes!

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Really heart Trev’s school to death
They’ve got nice teachers, clean and new environment,
Trev is happy and learning well

Our long wait has paid off!

Trev is growing so quickly
like seriously super speed

He nags at me when I leave his milk bottle unwashed

His requests goes from easily achievable to impossible
Started from – wanna go see toys then to wanna go compass point to wanna go take airplane (he really meant NOW when we went for supper at the airport)
the way he says it is as though can tap ezlink card immediately take airplane for fun kind

now I know what it really meant by having a child is COSTLY
sky abit dark like gonna rain, he say take taxi
walk until sweat, he say take taxi
i complain so sunny, he say take taxi

Go in toy shop promise see only no need buy
He see alr hold in his hands, walk ard
still in his hands,
tells us : I dont have this leh
Indirectly request to buy

Asks me things like why do I have pimples
Counts and says mummy you have two RED pimples!
Thanks for reminding
You dont have meh?
He says no he only have moles and he claims he has 3

Blankets irk the hell out of him
Even if he’s deep in sleep he’ll wake up,
push the blankets all the way OFF the bed and ON the floor in frustration
and go back to sleep

Love my Trevie boy,
He’s my happy pill!