Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Eye Am Infected

Trev’s right eye got an infection outta the blue
Brought him to the docs and he was given a day’s mc
But cuz his eye still looked swollen,
we kept him home for 4 days!

All of us took turns to take leave

Day 1 of his swollen eye

On day 2, I took leave & brought him out to get lunch

Trev was so bored after lunch
so I let him try out some sand art at Compass point!

i picked out the sticky part with toothpicks and he does the rest!

poor bb, the other eye like cannot open haha

he chose the one with the robot!

we took our own sweet time
using as many colours as we could HAHA




Trev got a little more cheery after completing it!
& couldnt wait to go home to show it to ah ma and daddy.

Really missed those times when I was a stay at home mum
I’d have all the time in the world to do things with him
Being on child sick leave makes me relive those times a little

photofun before bed time <3

Viruses and infections, STAY AWAY!

***Trev has since recovered from his eye infection YAY
Will blog again soon~