Thursday, June 21, 2012


Lunch with my fam at Nihon Mura last Saturday

Camera 360
Vegetables in disguise. Trolling Trev

Camera 360
Its amazing how I went from
I don’t dare to eat raw Salmon
I love salmon

Camera 360
& yet another breakthrough
from I dont dare to eat mussels
only eat mussels in mentai

still not able to conquer frog leg, cooked or raw oysters,
century eggs and tuna sashimi +++

Camera 360
Trev did this with the chopsticks and said

on the bus to bouncing kids!

Camera 360

Camera 360

time at the cafe while Trev bounces away
at Bouncing kids

I seem to have drifted away from blogging
& theres like so many unpublished pics

I sometimes think Instagram spoils the blogging market
cos if ure following me uve probably seen them all

Will u still go to my blog and feel irked when u see the same pic twice?

anyway just wanted to share pics of Trev and the kitty collection from macs which we I “painstakingly” ate for the sake of it


Made him take pics with kitty
then emphasized to him that Kitty is for girl girl
otherwise he’d be requesting for PINK GIRLY STUFF
and for me to apply nail polish on his fingers

Will do up my father’s day post tomorrow!