Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swee Choon Dim Sum

Had to work full on a Saturday.
Not as moody as I always am when I have to work on weekends
cuz we went Swee Choon for late din aft work!

I’m very 126 so it was actually my first time to Swee choon!

the ones who have YET to be awaken from the blackberry era

Camera 360
mee sua kueh, siew mai and egg tarts
(as if u dont know them) ha ha

She’s a walking street directory
Knows every possible bus route in SG, JB and maybe Taiwan lol
She’s almost like Google/Wikipedia


love shifts with Shiying and Dongmin & Caroline (who’s exiled from call centre to do EVENTful things ha  ha)
makes time pass alot faster with all that chatter


Camera 360
the xiao long baos at sweechoon must eat with caution
so much soup they’d rocket out

Camera 360
dumplings (STILL will burst juice)
& red bean pancakes

Camera 360
caroline and I went thru 6 attempts on different custard buns
to get this ladyironchef’s instagram pics feel
not too sure if we hit it but… ya.

Camera 360
ok whatever LOL

Camera 360
ordered this for 画面 HAHAHAHA
pumpkin something

Camera 360
Yam paste

I basically went out with 3 girls who should all be given the IN THE PINK OF HEALTH award

One dont like fried food
One dont drink sweet drinks
One always monitoring how many cans of sweetened drinks people drink
ALL always seen drinking plain water
their bottles r like mega huge like for mountain climbers one

I am apparently the most unhealthy one

seldom pee seldom poo always a junkie
hardly even 2 full glasses of plain water a day
thinks people who jog is crazy
(u ask me jog from my house to compass point i think i will hyperventilate and die in my pool of cold sweat)

forget about what i just said

We went Mustafa after dinner
& I never thought for it to be THAT huge
saw Trev’s cooking set (the one we just bot)
at like 10bucks cheaper ZZZ

K nuff said the clock is ticking.
Night Night