Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Great Atlantis Seafood

Dinner @ Ponggol Marina with a few colleagues and distributors!
1st time there, its really deep into Ponggol Seventeenth

must be owned by someone livin' the fabulous life
The 'Keppel Bay' of Punggol ha ha

Thank You Mr Ng,
because of your generosity
I am able to have the biggest lobster I've ever had in my 22 yrs of life

You should have seen our happy faces
when from far we tot was crayfish to something so high end,
Lobsters LOLLOL

Long Dan? Something fancy from fish
Nv eat before also omgomg I suddenly feel like Ive been so poor hahahahaa

big fat clams that oozed goodness


who nv stopped reminding me to snap pics to #picstitch for instagram #foodporn LOLLL

with Dong Dong


Group pic with Dong, Sally and Caroline <3
love em all!

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