Sunday, May 06, 2012

To the Beach!

Been 79843 years since we met!

Pearl came to pick us up and drove us down to Sentosa
after having mac breakie together

Had so much to catch up!


we each have a friend as companion while our husbands had to be labourers on labour day HAHA

with the kids in a cheery mood


Pearl and I
for the first time my hair length is on par with hers



Camera 360

Arrived at the new kids club at Palawan Beach
Port of Lost Wonder.
but to our surprise the club was experiencing a full capacity!

board at the entrance suggested tt
we go back to purchase the tix at 230pm when it was only 1pm

But we were well prepared for plan B!
Settled down at a shady spot with the kids

Camera 360

laid out my huge mat slash good quality table cloth
that blended well with the sand HAHA
Queen P slabs on sunblock in her cutesy Hello Kitty bikini

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360
love this pic!
all ready to go fetch some water hahaha

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360
we’re FABulous

Camera 360


Camera 360
scoop scoop scoop

Camera 360

Camera 360
the fair + the dark went down the beach to fetch a pail of water

came back to see Pearl busy at work HAHAHAHA


Camera 360
we coincidentally wore somewhat similar tops. Will right!?

Camera 360
then I took this pic & felt like a reflection hahahah!

Camera 360
the ever so willing Phelove !! <3

Camera 360

I asked her over to my lap to take a pic with me
& guess what,
she stood at where she was,
said that she was wet/dirty with sand!

until I said nevermind its ok!!
then she walked over happily to pose for my phone

Camera 360

Camera 360
surrounded by so.many.toys


Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360
she carefully turned her bucket of sand over
& thats her sandcastle! HAHAHA

Camera 360
waterplay for a short while

Camera 360

Camera 360

& Pearl tricked them to go to ANOTHER place to play water
apparently thats to head to the toilet to wash up

heeheehee trolling the kids

We eventually did not visit the Port of Lost Wonder
BECAUSE when I went back in hopes of purchasing the tickets at 2 plus pm, they amended the next estimated timing to 3pm

ZZZ major enough liao lor
haven’t play already tired.

But hell to POLW,
we still had a great and fun time watching the kids play
basking in the sun and catching up


The husband’s leaving me on an almost a month long trip
to Sweden
SAME like last year, BOTH IN MAY
forever alonez on Mother’s Day zz

You can show your sympathy by
1. tagging on my tb so I have a purpose to reply and have smth to do
2. asking me out
3. following me on Instagram (rredroses) so I can do the same and like a whole lot of your #hashtag pictures

He’s flying off nxt Monday
I don’t know how Sweden is like
in my mind all I can picture is
him taking a plane into :

the blue. the yellow. the fonts. ;

THE – IKEA hhahahahaha
k abit sad, hai sian.

Gdnight!Sleeping half-moon