Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Bought Trev a picnic playset from Kiddy Palace last weekend
at 15% off!!! So much cheaper than expensive CARS or THOMAS

Its always fun shopping for toys with Trev

Like when I wanted to get him this playset that comes with a knife
He rejected the toy

Saying things like “Trev cannot play this leh sharp sharp”
I had to convince him that its ok this is just a toy
and that it wasnt the kind of knife Ah ma usually warns him about

Camera 360
Trev’s 1st food toy HAHA
I personally LOVE such toys

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

SO PRECISE hahahahaha!!!
Ah ma wanted me to name out the food in mandarin to Trev
she said it like it was easy

So i snooked her

google is so much more reliable these days
dont know anything? GOOGLE LOR

Camera 360
enjoying playtime with his new toy!

Camera 360

Camera 360
he can CUT all day

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360
9gag meme

Camera 360

Camera 360

Trev seems to have lost ALL of his baby fat
He’s having this STAGNANT runny nose and phlegmy cough
its super irritating
I’m gonna bring him to TCM to tune back his health

Trev’s super chatty at the age of 3

My mom had this conversation with Trev

Mom: Aiya my rosary spoil already
T: I buy for you
Mom: You got money ah?
T: In my pocket
Mom : Show me show me
T: Ah ma you take money and give me put in my pocket

& the other day!!! I had the same experience with Trev and money

My liquid foundation got sweeped off the shelves and landed in a total mess
I was grumbling

Trev: Mummy I buy ur cream for you ok?
I: You got money buy for me meh?
Trev: I dont have. Mummy have, mummy buy

So awww but no difference HAHAHAH

Trev imitates us alot as well
My mom and I particularly love
his bossy “Aiya why u say dont know dont know, every thing dont know”
he nags us like this HAHAHAH

I shld start bloggin more about Trev and the funny things he says
So i’ll nv forget & this webspace will remind me of all the cute n fond memories!