Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Again, in May.

Its almost-a-month long deployment for Hubby once again
France, Brest last year
Sweden – Stockholm this year
gee, he’s going places where I may never ever get to go to
(may I specify and emphasize ‘EVER’)

Camera 360
hubs loaned the family car and brought us for dinner and a walk at RWS the night before

Camera 360
As quoted from Trev
Universal Studios is 'Kungfu panda sleeping inside’

Camera 360
wandered around the empty RWS

Camera 360

Camera 360

A little family time well spent!
Love night strolls!

Spent some alone time with Hubs in the afternoon the next day before his midnight flight

Took leave and Trev was in school

Camera 360

Camera 360
great chinese lunch!

Hubs flight was scheduled to depart at 12mn
& I had already arranged for my mum to help bbsit Trev while I send him off to the airport

Camera 360
But our sweetest daddyboy wants so badly to tag along
So I brought him with me!

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360
my 2 greatest <3

Camera 360
To Amsterdam for transit

Sent hubby off and had slipped a short note in his bag
v long nv leave note for him like a smitten teenager le HAHA


Edited this pic of Trev with all my might
& have it uploaded on Instagram
so hb can see it when he has wifi

Last year still a stay at home mum
No damage if I stay up til 4am to wait for his reply

This year not no heart,
is no strength HAHAHA