Friday, April 27, 2012

Through the years

If you haven't already know,
It was my birthday last Friday!

I've decided to share a series of
unfortunate events (haha) faces of me through the years
criticisms or nasty comments WILL be digested

acting chio on my 22nd birthday

acting cute @ 17

still at it

I remember how I'd retaliate when others say "dont act cute la!"
I'd go all "I dont need act to be cute I natural cute one"


like a PAU

still 17


me and my glorious helmet head

crazy at 18

1st independent Trip to bkk

the bride who didn't care

wacky at 18

for no reason dye my hair black!

preggers at KL

VERY preggers

at 19
did an awful AWFUL perm after confinement

and then straightened it

eating like a piggy

turned crazy and got myself a pair of fugly specs
was deluded for awhile
& cut my hair EVEN shorter

me freak!

at 20
did hair extensions that was too long
snipped it off to this
CRAZY right!!

did extensions again

curled up ones

got super thick and tarzan after awhile
once again, deluded. couldnt see the uselessness of hair extensions

 went to bkk and did straight extensions AGAIN

at 20

removed all hair extensions

bushy fringe

at 21!

too gold to hold

this hair has then been stagnant on me
up til today

Thinking of going red
But never short!
Until I go crazy again

Think I won't
Im blaming on my post natal hormones that caused all that

What do you think of my 'transformation' through the years?