Monday, April 02, 2012

I miss…

…being a SAHM

Days before Trev started school,
home with him,
lunch and dinners together,
bringing him out to the playground or parks
taking lazy afternoon naps together
& i could watch every cheeky move he made

But if i were to go back to being a SAHM,
i’d probably turn sour, grow mould and mushrooms all over
Trev’d be at sch, I’d be at home

doing what?

count the number of tiles in my room
snack nap slack and grow fat

aiya women very contradicting
when ure a sahm, u wanna go work
when you’re working u wanna be a sahm and sleep in late

Love that i’ve been a little of both!

Job is still great with really nice colleagues^^
just wished i didnt have to work on ‘certain’ weekends HAHAH

we finally managed to spend our little alone time

Brought Trev out to the movies alone for e first time!
Booked a single ticket online, thought it was quite sad HAHA
but Trev was such a great companion
(daddy was sailing)




brought him to dinner after Lorax at nex
and gave him a little treat!


on a random note,
my mil’s place has a new addition to the family!


shortly after Casper left us,
mil’s schnauzer Ben Ben passed away too
he was diagnosed with the exact problems Casper had

they adopted this maltese from a groomer!
reminds me so much of our  miffie and casper!
but he’s really skinny :(

We like bearbear soooo much!
Trev too!