Friday, March 16, 2012


Have been pretty obsessed with my nails lately
I used to have the habit of chomping or peeling my nails
but I don’t now & they’ve grown so long!
(to one who has nv had long nails)

Ruffian nails in matte blue and glossy red


The set of nails I painted while I was at the chalet
Got this bot of China glaze glitter cuz the name was so interesting
"Marry a Millionaire” heeheehee

In that week I did 3 different nails
Too eng anot? HAHA


attempted vintage floral but major fail
the leaves too green

I did only my left hand,
left the right one bare and went out for a movie
WAHAHA freak much

& then I act cute for 2 days


I’m happy with my current set of nails
I’m planning to have it on for the whole of this week
until it starts to fade



ChinaGlaze’s Pelican gray base


& the cheapo FaceShop nail polish I got from Compass point
Having a 1 for 1 promo now for all nail colours only at CP
6 bots only $8.70 So happy so happy

Tried it, find that they’re not cut out to be painted as main
wayang wayang use to do as design still acceptable
v streaky, watery and will have bubbles zz

Paint it from the outer edge of the nail to the centre
according to the direction

Its weird that both of my middle finger nails will stop growing after a certain length

I expect more time to be wasted on nails
But I shall recuperate for now & blog about more eventful stuff tmr

Blogs about nails, but not a pro
Level : Bimbo