Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Needs toothpicks for eyes

Face looks like =.=
as I’m bloggin this worthless post

Its like a light that wouldnt start without a starter
Its like fire that wouldnt burn without fuel
Simply to say – my engine cant seem to start

IMG_5381I fully utilized my saturday with Trev
Don’t slap me hor but I think Im quite super
Tell u y later

Thanks to you kind people out there,
I finally got my DIY Number Paintings!!!
Nex no longer sells these paintings
Vivo selling very ex. I went to enquire, sulked, grumbled, & walked away
Decided on getting them online!
Got 3 pieces cuz they were having year end sales!
S,M,L hahahaha

currently working on this
1 week already, I’m only at the third colour
total 21 colors  :O
each colour need to coat and recoat MANY coats

I really is 吓倒了

Have got to start with lighter colours

this brush alr look really thin n small,
but its the 2nd biggest brush

I was superwondermom on Saturday
I went out from early noonz to late night with Trev

caught up with friends I haven’t been able to meet up with recently
will blog about that soon!

Playdate with Chlovelle

Tytus 1ST bday party
Both on the same day!
share pics w yall soon~

I’m giving myself a treat tomorrow
Got my first humble (cos quite little) salary
I’m bringing myself for a 110 min facial

hope they get rid of the ji liap ji liap all over my face
and dont hard sell any packages (HATE)

Okay nights ZZZ <3

this post is considered chin chai k bye