Sunday, December 11, 2011


Was really nice to just go window shopping
and had a great dinner  together last weekend

DSC09623Was shopping around Vivo, also to go check out
the number paintings push cart u guys mentioned

Saw a gingerbread man going around! So we took a pic together!
Almost typed “Gingie” from Shrek
Then realized its not
Cos gingie has gumdrops as buttons this one not HAHA


IMG_5266Gelare waffles with ice cream for tea break!

IMG_5268Wished such yummy waffles were easily available everywhere!

Trev went to bed early
Hubby was really nice to bring me out for steamboat!
A tiny promise he made and kept :)

IMG_5272ever since Sherin brought me to Chuan Wang Fu,
it has been the one and only place i go to for steamboat

IMG_5275my fav soup base – half mala half wild mushroom soup
and fav ingredients – luncheon meat, beef, fish golden mushroom & one weird one > sliced potatoes HAHA

IMG_5277table of pink and red lol

IMG_5278there potatoes!

IMG_5281my kind of sauce garlic, lots of parsley and vinegarrrrrr

IMG_5282my super soft n yums cooked potatoes! totally absorbed the mala taste



looking forward for many more happy weekends