Monday, December 19, 2011



A bad Monday!

Trev’s school called me while I was at work
saying there were red spots on his hands and feet

I panicked cos I was gonna work late til 8pm
So i hurriedly asked my mum to go pick Trev and bring him to a doc
while hubby tries to get home early

Turns out mum didnt bring her keys
I had to take 2hrs off to rush to the doc, home and back to work

Doc confirmed that Trev has HFMD
This Raffles medical doc basically gave me a URL
ask me to go in to read up on what to expect etc
Now doc refer URL can earn money alr. how easy.

Trev has to stay home for 7 days
and upset that he’d be missing the first X’mas school celebration this fri
We even made a Xmas card for the teachers (half done)
Now I dont know if its ok to give them the card
Will they feel the card got HFMD germs?

We have to go back to get clearance for school from the doc 7 days later
which will be . . . . .


so awful!!! how i wished hfmd didnt exist!!!
Trev has spots over his feet knees palm and ulcers in his mouth

Please get well soon ASAP darling boy!