Tuesday, December 20, 2011


2 weekends ago,
Hubby drove FIL’s car to attend a wedding lunch
at Marina Mandarin

IMG_5383with our signature one-line smile


IMG_5404plenty of spare time to snap pics haha

IMG_5411don’t slap me i know very act LOL
son is cute mother is act cute


IMG_5451Hahahahaha Hiao

Then we loaned FIL’s car for the night
and went to Great world for dinner!
Went once find it quite peaceful there so i suggested we go again!

Dinner at Bishamon!

eee king kong face

first thing Trev attacked was jellies –.-
dessert became appetizer

Ebi Katsu Curry Rice

congratulations, u have kept our sashimi cold

then hubby drove us out to town for the xmas lightings

driving past the lightings was convenient
but walking through would really get us in the mood

HAHAHA excited!

AWWW Christmas isnt going to be the same this year
We’re all taking turns to stay home with Trev,
going out to packet food back etc

today’s just the 2nd day of his 7 day mc
Trev can still eat pretty well.
occasionally complains about his ulcers on his tongue n lips

Waiting for momsie to come home and take over
then i’ll head out to work from 2 – 8pm

until then!