Friday, December 23, 2011

Face Time

Despite my very 1ST miserable 1/2 a month pay,
(finally, after like 2 long donkey years of being a SAHM)

I told myself I must must must reward myself
with a decent Xmas gift
myself to myself… HMM

So i thought YES FIX MY FACE!!

didnt want to travel far for facial (aft facial sure like ghost)
so I made do with one at Compass point

decided on getting the facial suited for my skin conditions
$98 for 1st time trial (2nd time 还得了meh?!)
used some kind of fruit enzymes/ acid on my skin
will ci ci pain
like acid eating ur skin (totally bearable)

steamed my face
LIKE A PAU hahaha

basically,In my opinion,
extraction of black head/ white heads/ colourful heads,
is much painful THAN tattooing
I want to make my money worth
So I tolerated well

Facial lady impressed with my tolerance level hor

Apparently, I’ve been having these annoying spots under my eyes
somewhat like this AKA Milia Seeds
very revolting right!


she took time out to count mine
friggin 27 tiny seeds clustered together

mine werent ‘ripe’ to manually extract
& to extract under eyelid is mf painful
so she suggested I laser them off

So i took up this package she quoted me
to laser all 27 of them, few at a time
cos it turns into black scabs like moles while it heals

lasered 2 first that day,
had numbing cream on so it wasnt painful at all
jus like kana mosquito electric swat TIAK only
with a very mild bbq smell LOL


IMG_5512met hubby after my facial to pick Trev
He probably did take a few steps back after he saw my after-facial-face
pic not clear but very ugly
But its 先苦后甜!


feels happy everytime massage facial foam on my face
no more ji liap ji liap

thou i still look monstrous without make up