Monday, December 05, 2011

Bounce Bounce

Daddy’s been bz for the past week
So I brought Trev out to play

Dont really know where else I can bring Trev to nowadays
Anyone with any suggestions?

crawled a mere 15 mins with him
and gained a bruise on my knee lol
at this age he’s capable of running around on his own already
so I just sat at the cafe like a surveillance camera

see if got elder kids bully him anot HAHA

elder kids dont like to play with younger kids
He make do with a ball as companion HAHA

brought the ball up the slide and slide down with it
a lot of hard work lor



I don’t dare to blog a lengthy one
Keeping my pics for the next post

My one yr image space subscription up already
Wait til I update my debit card details then subscribe for another year
then I blog again