Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Trev and I went to join Yanwen & Family
at Great World’s City’s Amazonia last saturday!
Our first time there!

The entrance was really welcoming

btw Amazonia charges :
$20 for 2 hrs for kids below 3yo
$30 for 2 hrs for kids above 3yo

$75 to sign up for their member
not too sure about the benefits of that
but I know its not too wise to be a member if u don’t poop gold

huge play area, comfortable height to move about in for adults

the 1st thing Trev went for was the slides!
he went on and on and on, again and again.

this pattern,

that pattern.

Yanwen slide til so stiff LOL

requesting to go down to the ball pit!

explored the area on his own for a bit
then to look for Chlovelle again

Velle so cheery!

Trev is devoured by the sea of balls

Totally right?! He sunk right in!


Chlovelle’s so cooperative when it comes to taking pictures!!

Taking a short break!

U drink what ah?

*Trev protective over his beloved milo*
V: CHEY My juice MUCH nicer than YOURS

then you drink urs I drink mine lor

this Trev so giam siap one

Lewis built a wall
He was serious about his wall
Set each piece in place carefully
Then took time to admire once it was done
LOL very passionate kind

the kids huff and puff and blew the house down

Had a great time with them
Hope we can meet up often!!!
The men can chat
The women can shop
The kids can play

Til then!