Thursday, December 08, 2011

Arthur Christmas

Knocked off at 530pm on a Friday!
The husband’s been having a busy week
So I arranged to meet my mum and Trev for a movie at NEX!

Sogurt after dinner!

IMG_5252Interrupted Trev for a picture together


Went to Isetan for window shopping,
Trev wanted a hotwheels car (zz AGAIN)
I handed him the $$, & made him queue up at the cashier

IMG_5247cashier almost skipped Trev and served the next customer
Because he was too short no one saw him
HAHA cute

Wandered around aimlessly for time to pass
Caught Arthur Christmas at 9pm plus!
View so perfect right in the middle
I can never rave enough about SHAW @ NEX
everything’s good cept for their nachos



Loved the movie! So cute
They make characters with huge nose so lovable
(psst I got big nose) LOL

Went home and brushed his teeth LIKE MAD
never letting him feast on popcorns again!
It gets badly stuck in between the gaps!

Don’t like to see Trev with yellow teeth or plague!

IMG_5262another day out alone with Trev
sat by a fish pond and it started drizzling

M: Trev its raining already!
T: raining fish how? fish wet wet

Fishes swim in water not already very wet meh?

I call it 5 secs of agony

IMG_5197stuff from SIMPLYGORGEOUS!
Wardrobe wont lack of black!

IMG_5221in one of their casual long sleeves
does great for me especially during this rainy season!

Shop @ SimplyGorgeous now!


I don’t know how working mummies cope man
Even thou I worked 12pm-5pm today,
(been out since 9am)
picked Trev and went out for dinner,
showered and prepped him for bedtime