Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snip Snip!

Went down to the Adelphi to
meet the friendly people from the upcoming
magazine 365YAN!

IMG_4809being the usual laidback “slipper girl” ,
I didnt know what to do when I was told to dress ‘nicer’ lol

Received the complimentary Cut + Color for my hair
from mag 365YAN and Miyabi Salon <3

the hairdresser was a really nice lady (Ann)
she advised and assured me with what she was gonna be doing to my hair
& gave me tips on how I should manage it

true enough, she mentioned that my current hair colour was too bright/yellowish
and that it’d make me look really tired
so she’d be toning down on my hair colour

I looked worried right
Nope, wrong. I am practically blind without my glasses
W/0 it, my eyes small til go to basement

given an awesome haircut that’d balance out my thin hair ends,
giving it texture and it was also much more manageable

then to colour!

You know that prickly pain u normally feel
when you’re getting your hair dyed?

I didnt get that.

Apparently, most Japanese products
are safer and less damaging as compared to the other commercialized brands

She styled my hair to create japanese curls
for some pictures to be taken

she didnt use the electric tongs cos it could be quite damaging for the hair
but of cos the curls didnt last

IMG_4851eventually side combed my fringe HA HA
so stubborn I’m practically ‘unbangable’

IMG_4861I think I’m a boring person
I dont adapt easily to changes &
I’m actually not used to having my hair curled up
or neatly in place

But I really liked the cut + color Miyabi Salon gave me
the colour is a healthy shade of ash brown
& I havent had a PROPER advised haircut
that was based on the shape of my face, the texture of my hair etc

Miyabi Japanese Hair Salon
is located at
The Adelphi #02-21
Appointment preferred


Magazine 365 YAN
will be debuting in stores in Feb 2012
focusing mainly on HAIR & BEAUTY
so stay tuned & do grab a copy when the time comes!