Tuesday, November 08, 2011

We so Beach

Promised to bring Trev to the beach again last weekend
after 4 days of school
He’s been very into ‘play sand, go beach’ lately
If u’d ask me, he gets excited over few words & they are

'go watch movie, go beach, go swimming, and eat fries’

IMG_4708took the tram deeper into palawan beach this time
very few people towards the end of the beach
weeee i like




he loves the beach as much as Trev haha

making his own sandcastle!

AS USUAL. trying to dig a bigger deeper hole


both Trev and I covered hubby up with sand


FUNNIER heeheehee

Trev ruined one of Hubby’s man made boobies

Trev tried to help by pulling daddy up

& when pulling didnt work,
Trev used his hands to dig away the sand!
Sweet hor sweet hor?!?!

Hubby very touched hahaha

All of us got home with uneven tans
Happy with mine cos it made my arm look toned LOL

After 2 weekends spent on the beach at Sentosa,
I’m kinda JELAT of that place already
its convenient, yes, BUT take train to vivo then monorail to beach station then tram to palawan then go home tram back to beach station then monorail to vivo then mrt to sengkang then walk back home is seriously quite

its SHAG-ala-ping-pong-piang