Wednesday, November 02, 2011



Trev started school on the 1st of Nov, a Tuesday.
It was probably the biggest transition for Trev & us so far
Hubby took leave to be with us for Trev’s 1st and 2nd day of sch
Really thankful cos I wouldnt be able to handle it myself

Overwhelmed, stressed, panicky & really worried

IMG_4624We left the house by 745am
walked a few blocks away to Trev’s childcare
Trev was clingy and quiet while we were on our way there

School was a 5 minutes walk away from home
Trev wanted Daddy to carry him there


IMG_4630I made hubby talk to Trev more
to convince him that school’ll be fun and all
I wouldnt have been able to
Trev will definitely hear it from my voice that
I was fretting and really 不舍得

I was prepared to stay in class w Trev for the 1st 3 days
but when the principal and teachers advised and suggested
that we leave him with them from the start of the day,
my world fell on me LOL

As reluctant as I could be,
I was still convinced by them and hubby that it was ok to let him go
Hubby was firm & wanted Trev to  handle school by himself

IMG_4633we brought him in,
told him we’d be back after he’s had his lunch with his friends
and said goodbye..

He didnt wave happily like how he usually does at home
but was ok with us walking away after saying goodbye.

IMG_4634Took a picture of him from outside of the CC
He didnt cry..
Left him with the teachers and to have breakfast

we went back around 11+ am
and heard his cries!
”mummy i wan bao bao mummy bao bao”

IMG_4636we didnt wanna be seen by him,
but we had to know why he was crying
so hubby crept around
Stealth mode

IMG_4639turns out that he just started crying
but that ‘CRY’ was those really upset and cannot stop kind
I can differentiate
He’s had 3/4 of his lunch but his friends werent done yet
He probably got bored and started crying
he wanted toys

So we brought him home at 12 sharp
with a little snack to reward him for being such a brave independent boy

IMG_4641was crying when he saw us…
we went home and he napped
the routine on day 1 was really good…


was glad he was still willing to go to school,
this time, he skipped towards the centre on his own

we didnt enter the centre on the 2nd day
held his teacher’s hand and went in after
saying goodbye to ah ma, hubby and me
like v steady right?

Camped outside for awhile

IMG_4646UH OH~ started crying when he was brought to have breakfast
appears that he DIDNT wanna have breakfast!

Peeped and he eventually skipped breakfast
and went to play with toys..

Seeing that he has settled down,
Hubby and I went for breakfast

IMG_4648I DONT KNOW HOW i’m gonna survive other school days w/o hubby
he distracts me from worrying about Trev
but he’d be away for duty tmr, OVERNIGHT haiiii
If i go back work i think i will die there
mind occupied with Trev trev trev trev

Went back the centre a little later today
at about 1pm+

Didnt hear his cries
Curtains were closed everyone was supposed to nap
Thought Trev was too since our plans were to let him nap there today
but when we talked to the teacher from the kitchen,

She feedback that Trev only had 4 mouthfuls or bee tai mak for lunch,
refused to take his 240 ml of milk,
cried when there was no toys,
and everyone was already napping except him
had to let him do colouring so that he’d stop crying
SO WORRYING… so ke lian

But she was certain that Trev’d fit in and adapt soon
Trev was the only new student that came in on 1st nov

we brought him home and when he saw us he pouted n sobbed emotionally

IMG_4649brought him for lunch since he ate v little

IMG_4650he was really happy to be able to sit and eat with us
there’s his wasted milk lol

IMG_4654he refused to eat in sch,
but ate really well at the coffeeshop lol
my mum commented that she has nvr seen him open his mouth so wide for food before haha

IMG_4656Daddy bought him a toy car as promised


IMG_4659super smiley to be going home


he’s like a different person when he’s with us
not like what we see from the windows quiet and shy
but i hope he adapts with school’s routine soon,
does what the other kids do,
mingle and have fun with them,
and is willing to have his meals and milk

Day 2 didnt go so well but still there was an improvement
hope he’ll be able to nap in sch tmr

Make mama proud!!

Hope u’ll have all the courage in the world,
and be an independent boy in school!
Waiting for the day you greet me at the door with smiles
when I come to get you!