Tuesday, November 01, 2011

This is IT!

Finally done with the
preparations for Trev’s 1st day of school
which will be, tomorrow.
or should i say the ‘next few hours’

Gotta wake before 7am zz
Will be sending Trev to class before 8am
so that he can have his breakfast with his new friends

IMG_4566Iron ons and sticker labels

IMG_4583Ironed on the labels on his uniform, pe attires and towels

IMG_4592Trev’s toothbrush, mug and toothpaste

Cherished TODAY with Trev a lot (I very BU SHE DE)

We woke at 10am (probably the last weekday morning to sleep in so late)
watched okto, ate cereal,
let Trev take bubblebath in a bathtub,
then brought him out for KFC gave him his beloved ice milo
had fun at the arcade ; bowling, arcade hockey, basketball
bought him Cars 2 wall stickers,
brought him home to nap
and kept kissing him while he was in deep sleep

Treat him vvvvvv good
V sayang v sayang vvvv sayang him :’(

IMG_4604both of us sat and rearranged the stickers

IMG_4599think i just made him love the wall a  lot more

IMG_4607will definitely miss my funny wacky boy
who never fails to make me laugh

IMG_4615then after dinner hubby brought us to ice3 for ice cream waffles
hurriedly cabbed home to put Trev to bed
so he’ll be able to wake at 7am later

IMG_4619Packed his bag after he went to bed

We are READY!
erm physically Im ready

I pray for all to go well tomorrow!
Hope Trev enjoys school, doesnt freak out & will listen to instructions
I’ll miss him a lot a lot a lot…

I shall just see how things goes tomorrow,
& stop worrying..

Ai ni Ai ni