Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quicker than Quick

Another week of school had passed
1st week started on Tues so the week was short
2nd week also start on Tues due to public holiday on Mon

We’ve slowly extended the time to pick Trev up from sch
from 1pm to now, almost 4pm

IMG_4800made it a point to always get snacks for him after sch


IMG_4880Daddy was able to send him to school one weekday

IMG_4888and we both picked him up :)

Trev now naps in school!
But he’ll still cry when we send him to sch in the morning HAI


IMG_4895he’s always taking his own sweet time when we make our way home
slowly enjoying his snack



We brought Trev out to Suntec yesterday
It was really crowded!
Turns out that there was this Anime Festival Asia thing held at the convention hall
So many people dressed up like anime characters
V interesting!

IMG_4922went to Toysrus and Daddy bought Trev more cars


IMG_4930Buy 2 hotwheels get 3rd one free SUPER VALUE FOR $$
opened up one for him, keeping the rest for rewards after school LOL

IMG_4935Candy Christmas Tree!


Trev’s much more aware of Christmas this year
No one really told him who’s Santa Clause before
But he knows that Santa goes HO HO HO

Looking forward to Xmas this year!
Wanna bring him for Xmas lightings and pictures!

ANYWAY, as much as I would like to continue sending and picking Trev to and from school,
there comes the time where I have to go back to work lol
So ya, gonna be back at work on the 15th
really hoping the timing fits well so I might still be able to pick Trev from school myself..

I’ve caught a cold too
Suffering from bad bodyaches ZZ
everytime need to go for something major sure will have problems
Just hope I can go back to work in tip top condition

hope i’ll still have time to blog frequently