Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Jerbel’s Pooh-rific 1ST!

Headed over to Jerbel’s 1ST Bday party on Sunday at DTE
with Hubby and Trev :D

Girly customized chocs!

Trev checking out the goodies from his goodie bag!

Trev and Clovine!

Pasting a sticker on Nara hehe

IMG_4727with Salina and Melody <3
Mel makes my head look huge LOL


Was telling Hubby how COMPLETE this picture looked
Really make me wish i HAD a 2yo daughter 
Erm but no it didnt happen

Hope my next bb will be a girl
& with next i really mean NEXT
like in the next 4 yrs LOL

Every glance of this pic makes me salivate HAHAHA

IMG_4761Trev will be a passionate lover when he grows up

hmm, k. Phelove too. HAHA

The ever so cheery and still meaty Phelove
sweetest Cupcake!!!!

Then it was time for Jerbel’s moment!

Jerbel’s polka dot banner and poohrific cake!

Group shot with the mummies!
Mabel, Tangeok, Yenping and Sandy

lol I only have eyes for my camera heehehe

with the busiest woman ever since she started work

IMG_4763carried them both.. Pearlz iz strongz



With Salina Melody Nara & Yenping

+Yixian & Alyssa hehe

IMG_4734a pic w Xiaofen too!

IMG_4731Can’t help but go ‘Tytus looks so angmo!’
everytime I see his pics



IMG_4738Someone’s been complaining that
'he’s not even there’ for my recent posts
whine that we dont have pictures together

So we kept taking

IMG_4749now ur face is all over.. can hor? hahaha


Took a bus back home after a great time at the party!
Thanks for the invitation! <3