Sunday, November 06, 2011

Here & There

Met up with Yanwen Lewis & Chlovelle last weekend
at Marina Square
& had lunch at Coffee club

Marina Square should be the record holder of
'Singapore’s coldest shopping mall'


IMG_4568blurry pic of the kids

Havent been using my camera lately zz


IMG_4570I no longer trust Fish therapies
an article said such therapies could spread HIV


IMG_4573Yanwen told us that there’s Twelve cupcakes at Millenia Walk
so we walked over and bought some!

hubby had been craving for more since then
Jaime Teo you are teoriffic LOL

IMG_4575Trev savouring his cupcake


Trev has been SUPER accident prone
fell a couple of times just from running
hit his nose hit his head scraped his elbow etc etc

He is quite clumsy,
and also DANGEROUS

IMG_4595he stacked the pillows and blanket up really high
attempted to take a pic of mischievous Trev

and the next thing he does unexpectedly is,

IMG_4598sliding down from it!

A week of school has passed
Last friday morning didnt went too well
Trev refused to walk near his sch when I brought him there

Wailed screamed and cried when i removed his shoes
Almost rolling on the floor & didnt wanna enter
So i went in with him.

He was clingy and refused to let me go
I calmed him down a little and after he did,
I told him Mummy tummyache need to poo poo
Will come back to fetch you after lunch, now I have to go toilet!

He still can point to me to use his school’s toilet.
His teacher carried him by the window and we waved gdbye

IMG_4692went back to pick him at 1pm plus
& he was SMILING & HAPPY when he walked out!

IMG_4695he still couldnt nap in class
but ate up all of the beehoon for lunch
& another breakthrough!!
his teacher managed to bathe him!

Otherwise he always goes home in his uniform
bathe le can go home in PE attire!


start sch one wk only got long weekend le
brought him to the beach for sandplay ytd as promised
and to Jerbel’s 1st bday party later on!

Can’t wait for next week!
To see and monitor the progress Trev makes in school
We’ve also opt to go for the school’s teacher and parents day event
this end NOV at the Pasir ris recreation centre!

I v longwinded with Trev’s school stuff
20 yrs later hope I can come back to this webpage
and recall the stress ive been through LOL