Monday, November 21, 2011


Here for a quick update!
Picture quality very sub standard cos all from my iphone
Give chance k, I work hard and play hard
hard til no time to use my camera

Y’know the start of Trev’s 3rd wk of sch was a GREAT one
He surprised both me and my mum cuz

He now walks into sch himself, no tears,
and waves goodbye like an awesome big boy!

It was school and work school and work for the past week
I send Trev to sch, go to work, knock off, and pick Trev up by 5pm
Very routined, but happy to be able to pick Trev!

IMG_4994There’s this bench near his sch that we always go to
Trev’ll happily snack on the stuff I get him there
then we’ll walk home together

I dont know if Im pure suay or what
It POURS everytime I’m out to pick Trev


IMG_5004MY LOVE <3

IMG_5008Good brave boy who doesnt cry gets a car as a reward!

then on Thursday,
Hubby told us to change up and get ready
He actually bought night tix to Happy Feet 2 @ NEX!


IMG_5013been waiting for happy feet for the past 2 weeks!

Trev was really excited!
I worry lesser now when we go to the movies with Trev
He’d just sit back on my lap,
hand in the bag of popcorn
and just watch

no more freaking out or squirming impatiently during the commercials
&&& he knows he has to whisper in the cinema
so funny HAHA

IMG_5023Love NEX’s theatre’s seats.. CLEAN and gets us a CLEAR VIEW

then during the weekend,
we caught PUSS IN BOOTS at Suntec!
Movie week hahahaha
btw dont go to engwah/we cinemas
not clean, seats were squeaky,
and i slipped into a hole behind the chair when we were abt to leave ZZ

Both movies were awesome!
Love movie times with Trev and hubby!
Thou I have to be an arm chair for Trev throughout the movie


Trev nowadays pattern more than badminton!

IMG_5089my little architect constructed this on his own
the slope there to slide his hotwheels cars down
can’t decipher the rest though

& another today!

IMG_5115creative way of playing his cars right!
He can race the cars just by pressing it down lol



Caught a video of him in action
he initially picked the cars ONE BY ONE so tiring take le come back take le come back again
so i taught him to use the box to fill up then bring back

IMG_5126Sch’s closed today
My Trevie boy had fun at home with Grandma
while I was at work

He has this thing for my tums
He has to lie on my tums to fall asleep
I usually use my iphone’s front cam to see if he’s asleep
then I dont have to bend HAHAHA


I very poor thing hor?
Got this from Suntec’s theatre
Heng I nv fall flat on my face
Just slipped into a hole behind the seats

Gonna look super hideous
Its so huge n will be so black
its gonna look like the shadow of badtz maru ZZZ

Early shift tomorrow!
Gon’ hit the sack. Nightie!