Friday, October 14, 2011

Trev & Joyvelle

The kids had a playdate!
So much fun to watch them interact!

Joyvelle’s really patient and sweet
She can really tolerate Trev’s nonsense!


DSC09039A little hug <3

DSC09040Joyvelle take pic le will walk over and check out the photo taken!!
Like checking if it looks ok LOL



DSC09043Joyvelle so chubby!!!!!!!!! squeeeeeze


308782_10150335138504985_687174984_8036064_1315521913_nwith Yihjiun

“ Trev do Trev do. . . .” direct translation 我弄我弄

Weekend is here!
Interview went well! In-charge was flexible to let me start Mid nov
after settling Trev in.

First of all, TREV TO GET WELL ASAP!!!!
Bloody runny nose
all that unnecessary MUCUS PHLEGM zzz