Monday, October 24, 2011

To the Botanic Gardens!

Decided to go to the Botanic gardens last Tuesday!
The both of us were home alone,
so we went for lunch at NEX

To start our trip right,
I must always REMEMBER to not press for the lift FIRST
Trev wants to be in charge of the buttons
There’s him looking all grumps cos I ALMOST pressed it

Told you, Trev was serious about being in charge

acting coy heeheehee



Met mum at NEX and we took the circle line to the Botanic gardens!
Just 4 stations away from Serangoon!
How convenient!

Whenever there’s a seat available for Trev,
he no longer allows me to leech on him to get the seat
I cannot share w him then he sit on my lap de leh

Aiya he has a lot of preferences nowadays!
He’d sometimes even choose what he wants to wear
I pair for him he may say NO i don WANNA wear thiz
his ‘wanna’ v cute v cute

k, when we alighted at the station,
we were really surprised to see
that a heavy downpour had just left that area
skies were still dark and ground was wet

IMG_4236the air felt really fresh thou

Made Trev pose for a picture with the greenery

his oversized shades LOL

DID NOT EXPECT RAIN cuz I thought it just left
was making our way to the Jacob Ballas children’s garden
when it started pouring
was really lucky to be a short distance away from shelter!

lol both with diao deng eyes

eating a gummy worm fresh from the park’s soil

muacks muacks

the rain got smaller so we left the hut
didnt have umbrellas with us
but my cardigan came in handy

erm have i found the secret cave?
which one?

reminds me of Misty island’s shake shake bridge lol
(its a thomas and friends thing HA HA)

The secret cave i suppose

love this pic!!

those kinda trees that warcraft heros eat to gain HP

wanted to be adventurous



Treehouse was under renovation
(the one with 2 slides)
read my previous trip to JBCG HERE

huge fruit was still here

checkin out the flowers!

ran away cos got small flying insect LOL

Trev knows that its not M&Ms


IMG_4243HAPPY TIL……!!!



His backview looks clumsy LOL

Other kids started joining
Trev stood aside and looked at them
with eyes that was like telling us “I WANNA PLAY WITH THEM”

He kept following the other boy
Ran when he ran
Laughed when he laughed
He’s starting to really like the company of friends and other kids

Ended our day at JBCG with Trev’s 
smiles and laughter
Went to the cafe for some snacks and drinks and it starting pouring like MAD
thought we would admit defeat and call a cab
but we managed to run back to the station
with my cardigan tied onto Trev’s head

Got home and announced my right arm temporary out of order

Fyi, the walk from the station to Jacob Ballas Children’s garden
may take awhile
not exactly VERY far
but cos the path many bends like snake
and you cant walk cut grass
so be prepared to walk a distance!

hmm OR maybe cos it was raining
so it felt like the 路途遥远