Monday, October 31, 2011

To the beach!

Waited for hubby to be home from duty last Sunday morning
and we packed up the things we needed
for our afternoon at the beach!

IMG_4364Took the monorail to Beach Station!
and decided to go to Palawan beach instead of our usual Siloso
had to transfer via tram to get to Palawan

There was some sort of event for kids there that day
Kept playing this Captain Palawan song
& a mascot came dancing around
But we were in our tiny own world

Daddy entertaining himself lol


daddy working hard, still improvising on his ‘hole’

Trev working on his little project

he finds his way of playing with sand by building a little hill
I find it sooooo cute

there! my tiny hill!


while the husband digs his hole dig til 走火入魔
有必要 so deep 吗?LOL

didnt pay much attention to him
but did notice that he was digging very passionately
unknowingly became so deep

mount faber and mount everest

going in to find his friends

running away from daddy hahaha!

persuading Trev to visit his HOLE lol

finally convinced that it might be fun to get in


The husband wanted me to get in….
Behind alot ppl lei paisei maxxxxxx

Then they went for a dip

greatest play pals!

Trev was chuckling and laughing out loud like a super happy kid

Trev’s not so babyish anymore
He’s so grown up nowwwww

Trev was really amused by the waves



Trev was at his happiest that day!
Heart felt warm and fuzzy just by watching him laugh,
& to marvel at how much my little one has grown,
how he has learnt to have fun, to feel happy and to be happy.

A simple inexpensive day out could bring us so much joy
Going through these pictures of my happy Trev fills me with EMOTIONS

ZOMG Trev’s gonna attend sch for the first time on the 1st,
NOW ALREADY 31ST walauuuuu
wanna hug u tight dowanna let go! SOB