Thursday, October 13, 2011

Registration for School


Brought Trev down for registration a day (5th October) after
the phone call from Sparkletots!

Received handbooks on what to bring and what to expect in their daily routine.

IMG_4023heehee had to provide Trev’s photos for registration

IMG_4028creeping by the glass door to snap a pic
captured in my pic is the toddler’s section/class
also the main office area

IMG_4029air conditioned, fresh, and really new.

IMG_4030while i was filling up formS (LOTS OF THEM)
Trev was busy mingling with a new friend
and was so occupied he probably WONT notice my absence

First payment for school FELT like downpayment for HOUSE
$#$%# can’t imagine if its some atas private school
add this add that this need money that need money
need deposit need 1st month fee need so many things
like worry the students will run away
(complaints are unavoidable, pardon me)

Still, really happy Trev is finally attending sch
esp after such a long wait

IMG_4048Trev’s PE attire is size S
lol he looks like a big boy in this attire doesnt he?


Uniforms out of stock, month end then go down and purchase.
Getting a total of 2 sets pe attire, 2 sets uniform
$21.40 X 4 = vomits

Then need to get school bag, new bottle, spare milk bottle,
extra toothpaste, socks, new towels etc LAGI VOMITS

hoping ill vomit cash OH then ill be so willing to vomit

but happily!!

Really happy and excited for Trev
Hoping school will make him a much more disciplined and independent boy!

School will be starting on the 1st of Nov
& I’m going for a day job interview tomorrow morning!

Will be needing plenty of luck and confidence!