Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Clone

Do you remember how you looked like when you were 2 years old?

Went through some old photo albums the other day,
& there was this one picture of my dad, mum, sis and me.
In that picture, my sister was in her teenage yrs
& I was all kiddy

Trev said “Ah gong” “Ah ma” “Mummy” and….. “Trev”
Pointed my sis as MUMMY and ME as TREV


I posted this pic on Facebook 2 days ago

IMG_4096naming it with the caption “Trev in a wig”

Hubby came home the next day and told me
that 2 of his colleagues had actually thought that it was
REALLY Trev in a wig zz lol

Erm you’re supposed to like the pic cos
that was me when I was 2 yrs old
not cos u’re convinced it was him in a wig LOR lol

IMG_4112I noticed I wasn’t quite a smiley toddler

IMG_4097Will look like Trev anot?
My look is that kind of ‘fierce’ *quotes tyra banks* lol

XIAOBAITrev and I, side by side
OMFG i think is super alike can..
what u think what u think what u think???

XIAOBAI1eyebrows same pattern
nose same lips same

can’t recall much from that young age
one thing for sure is that


I was quite an ah siao girl
with bushy eyebrows and
from the pics that Ive shared in this post,
it seems like i have this thing for tucking in my shirt LOL