Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Feeling really lost and upset…
Received a call from PCF Sparkletots today
The school that I’ve been waiting for since Dec 2010
is now constructed and ready for registration

What kept me holding on for this school was
1) its a newly constructed place
2) possibility of Trev being the first batch of students
3) I was the 26th on the waiting list to register
4) walking distance from my place

I have an appointment with the school tmr for registration
and my heart feels heavy

I didnt mind the long wait cos’ I had Trev’s company
He might be able to start school this 15th oct or 1st nov
I’m thinking of 15th oct (just 10 more days)
just because there might be fewer students (cos first batch)

But then again a part of me is reluctant because I’m gonna miss his presence
Im gonna miss having him around me

Initial plans were to settle Trev for the half day curriculum
But i was notified today that only full day is available for that particular centre
The fees will be taxing if I continue idling at home
and a  full day without Trev would be a torment

like every other new parent,
I have my doubts about the school and if it’ll work out for Trev
Its a first experience for me too

I really can’t stop worrying
can’t recollect my confused thoughts
can’t put down my selfish heart

Trev on the other hand is excited about school

For now,
I ought to let go
The little eagle needs to soar

Mummy needs to toughen up!!! <3

I hope all goes well…