Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Journey to the West

Hubby suggested that we go for the
IMAX movie at the Science Centre’s Omni theatre on Saturday.
Checked out the showtimes online and off we went!
It was a journey to the west!

heading out of Compass point to take the direct bus to woodlands

Trev very hip hor? HAHA
Got a hell of a scolding from me when he pulled the volume bar to the MAX!
Trev’s latest favourite song Boomerang (sings along to it)

OH! & whenever Trev requests “ Can I play scary?” on my iphone,
he actually meant that he wants to play Plants vs Zombie LOL

weather was scorching HOTTT


IMG_4167Trev very cooperative KEKEKE

IMG_4172On the bus to woodlands

IMG_4178Then we switched to MRT
secretly snapped some very fatherly moments

IMG_4182like some SMRT father son priority seat campaign LOL

IMG_4185the train ride was pretty long
they started playing haha so cute

IMG_4188love them both! <3


We walked over to the Science centre from Jurong east mrt
Instead of switching to another bus
Not exactly near, but not too far either

hurridly got our tickets for the 5pm show
40 minutes per IMAX movie
and 2 different shows per alternate hour
we wanted to catch BORN TO BE WILD (animals)
instead of HUBBLE ( space)

$10 for adults
Trev was below 3 so it was FOC

the last time I went to the Omni theatre was during
my primary school excursion lor

IMG_4190In awe!
the screen was so clear it was as thou we were watching from a helicopter
the entire screen was sphere-like
like til the back of yr head

Super awesome experience
Will be supa fly if they air Transformers in the omni theatre!!!

Trev sat beside me
and we could see that he really enjoyed
there were orang utans and elephants
and when the elephants came in herds he said Oh my god HAHA

IMG_4202grabbed a pic from google
omni theatre’s somewhat like that

there was some exhibits outside the theatre


Wanna go to the dinosaur exhibition in nov!!!

the IMAX movie we caught! Born to be wild!

A really enjoyable day out with my family
but the travelling part was ZZZ tiring
But still, we all had fun!!

Hoping to spend more time with Trev before he starts school
But i have to JY on tuning a routine for him to stick with!