Sunday, October 30, 2011




I am clueless of when EXACTLY Halloween is
ALL i know is that THOUSANDS of Singaporeans
are partying with their ghostly make up and torn outfits with fake blood
TONIGHT at clubs/USS/Sentosa

K im a little jealous a little lifeless
But despite Hubby’s persistent “REALLY DOWAN GO OUT?”
I insisted on being goodgurl_90
We dont have what we need for dressing up either

O well, guess I could make do with this for tonight

IMG_4560our kind of Halloween
Did KOSE mask which didnt even scare Trev
& spot the dried scabs on Trev’s nose
He fell flat on his face a few days back


Had a long day today going around looking for PLAYTEX BOTTLES
so damn pissed ENTIRE SG KIDDY PALACE only left TAMPINES
and even at Tampines also left ONE for boys. ONE LEH
apparently entire Isetan also OOS

IMG_4550YAAA so fed up so angry! NO NEW BOTTLE FOR SCH ZZZ

to frighten you even further,


I woke up one morning for work with hair like sai
everyone has days where they 美丽不起来
especially with bubbleguppies hair

O manz how random can this get?

Life is much meaningful when you hit blazing speed
ya im talking bejeweled blitz again
K i go play and be a meaningful person BYEz