Sunday, October 02, 2011


Day of our Anniversary!

In the morning of Day 2
we got up early and went for breakfast at Harris Cafe

not much choices though
(still thinking of Festive’s hotel breakfast buffet with smoked salmon OMG)

IMG_3909Trev’s a fan of honey stars
but by the time he starts digging in,
the milk wld have been soaked up by the honey stars zzz

waited near the front desk for our shuttle bus to
come pick us up to Nagoya hill Mall!
the time slot we chose was 1030am
then they’ll pick us up and bring us back at 215pm
one day 2 slots to go only!

As usual, Trev getting on our nerves

Happy to see J.CO donuts! Knew tt there was JCO at Nagoya
but didnt manage to locate it on Day 1
Kept telling myself MUST BUY BACK TO HOTEL

went in a couple of toyshops

can even test drive the kiddy rides LOL

Trev will be super cool if he owns one of those

Headed in to a super empty arcade!

Trev loves arcade basket ball
Though 9 out of 10 times seldom will goal HAHAH

cutest game ever
controller works as a insecticide, have to spray insects
RELOAD mus shake the controller like a REAL baygon
top of the head got button to press to spray
AHHH cute cute

next time i spray insecticide on real insects i’ll die!
cos i’ll unknowingly open my mouth like im v focused then the insect will fly in my mouth

Trev calls this thomas HAHAHA

this cost like SGD 1.20
and the ride was LONG
not like ECP $3 one ride less than 1 minute

& this super cute driving circuit approx $1.50
$1.50 for one adult and one child
Trev enjoyed it so much!

see there got tunnel!!


So much joy just watching Trev smile and have fun

& before we knew it it was alr time to head down to board the shuttle
so we went back to Harris cafe for lunch

Keropoks were served before every meal LOVED IT

Redeemed the free pizza from our Batam getaway package
It was served on a piece of TILE lol
why ah? later easier to MOP ah? wahahahaha

told u alr lor 3 days of soup HAHAH

Bolognese fettuccini for Trevie

we then explored the other part of the resort
and found Harris’s Dino kids club

it was empty! yay! jus us

Trev spotted a bowling ball and pins!
Couldnt resist to bowl!

Felt that Trev has SERIOUSLY grown
the equipments felt babyish
Trev can u slow down? Dont grow up so fast :(

But still, he enjoyed!

reminded me of times while we were at Port Dickson

daddy’s always his favourite playmate

swing swing!

Went back to the room and changed up for the pool!

HEEHEEHEE love to see Trev in his trunks lollol

Trev hearts swimming!!!

Showered and watched movies on Star movies until it was dinner time!
& because it was the day of our Anniversary,
we decided to have a ‘better’ dinner


IMG_3917got front cam already will shameless abit HAHAHA

Dinner was at Arirang Restaurant
IN Harris resort itself

Trev napped in his pram during dinner (cooperative hor? haha)
dinner was pretty exclusive since the whole restaurant was empty HAHA

IMG_3927side dishes

IMG_3928we ordered bbq pork belly!

IMG_3929comes with a nice I-HELP-U bbq service <3

smelt sooooooo good

TADAH the fatty part melts in my mouth OMG love

wrap in leafy lettuce and NOMS

IMG_3930we sort of OVER ordered HAHAHAHA

Mackerel with no bones <3


told u we over ordered LOL this kimchi pot for 2-4 persons

Food was surprisingly yummy!
Dont stereotype empty restaurant thinking if empty = not nice
thou food in the resort costs slightly steeper and usually in SGD,
it is still cheaper than sg korean restaurants

sometimes korean wives woes may be
too much dirty plates to wash
see we eat one meal use how many plates LOL


spent 57SGD at this HK shop at batam

V cute horrrrr umbrellas mugs and contact lens case

we woke up at like 2plus am and suppered on JCO donuts –.-

SAD Trev didnt get to eat em…

& on the final day,

we were all packed up and ready to head back to SG

IMG_3942End of our short holiday! Checked out at 12pm


IMG_3947On board the ferry back sg!


Trev entertained us with his





Trev’s a pro at doing that angry eye thing

In the blink of an eye we’ve been married for 3 years
got tears of joy got tears of sadness got tears of blood and tears of fire LOL
But ive got a pretty durable eye
Hoping this eye will blink me through our 50th anniversary
before it blinks in the coffin
or before it blinks in a lawyer office LOL CHOY kidding ah kidding

but hehe thanks for everything hubby!
hope you liked your present and enjoyed this trip!
lets blink to our 50th together!