Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brief Breathe

Grainy pics from the iphone

IMG_4207Took the train to Kallang with Trev!
Upp boon keng rd is filled with my childhood memories!
Went there to Da gu’s place to gather
cos Uncle and family were back here in sg for a holiday

IMG_4209NEL & the circle line made my life alot easier

IMG_4212Trev with wacky specs on

IMG_4214Grabbed Isaac for a pic and he smiled!

IMG_4216Spot Trev at the background
whining in jealousy haha

IMG_4217with the cousins from thailand

DSC09107Trev’s favourite jie jie


IMG_4194with the front cam, we now have lots of pics together LOL

IMG_4197K thanks Trev, u’re super affectionate can!

Will do a proper post soon!
On the recent journey to the west for IMAX
and we went to the Botanic gardens today!

Gonna go blitz now HAHAHAHAHAH