Friday, October 07, 2011

Family Day @ USS!

30th September 2011

All of us gathered and went to USS!
Hyped up for that day cos
it was probably the first time all of us went out together as a full family
& with full i meant FULL
like with my mum dad sis bil nephew godma hubby and Trev

heartwarming & united hor? ya i know lolll

it was a rainy morning
we left the house really early like at 9am
& had our breakfast at Vivo!

Coincidence or what! haha
Ah gong, Isaac and Trev all in stripes!

took the sentosa express to waterfront station!

照片 135

照片 138

Pictures with the Universal globe!

With Dad mum and sis!

照片 141

Tough day for the husband! Carried him most of the time
stroller was quite redundant

with Mummyluv

照片 157

First we went for Lights! camera! action!




Dad went right infront
and we were in the first row HEEHEE
You either leave the studio in awe or just shocked
Mostly in awe,
But Isaac probably got the shock of his life lol

Then to the Battlestar Galatica ride!
There’s my BIL “快点不要浪费时间了”
Hubby refused to go on the ride with me after that “FIRST TIME”
Auntie Veni was so garang she came with us
& Sis too!
All in all ive been on BG Cylon twice! but ive nv been on Human before!!!

We took the ride once and everyone became really quiet
probably turned green too

I didnt have the guts to spin

Dad said if he were to take the Battlestar galactica ride he will 半身不遂
lol exaggerate

hahahaha dad is cute

Mum and Auntieveni are like BFFS!

照片 176

照片 175
all of us after the mummy ride!
mum didnt attempt the ride and i somehow tricked dad into it
he had his phone in his hand,
with the thought of snapping some pics during the ride
but when he was told to keep his phone in his pocket,
he knew something was fishy already

Felt bad to trick him cos the ride was QUITE scary
If mum were to go on it she will cry
but Auntie veni being her garang self
she went on it with us twice LOL
She only younger mum one year leh!


Hubby brought Trev on Dinosoaring!
Pictures were pretty!
Pictures wont turn out like that if I was on the ride with Trev

You know I know la hor? HA HA

Trev getting all excited!

Took this while the ride was still moving!
Love this pic of them!

Trev had fun!

Then to the food court at Jurassic for lunch!
Parents paid for chicken rice and drinks for the 7 of us
Cost $90 over dollars?!
Chicken was cold and sucky btw





照片 182

照片 184

the BFFS


went for Shrek 4D!
knew mum and dad would enjoy!!

Madagascar crate adventure that wasnt ready yet when we went to USS for the first time
Checked if Trev has reached the height requirement for the ride
and YES!
So we brought Trev on it
I was worried though cos I didnt know what to expect

Its a water ride! No sudden plunges
kids friendly!

Trev Hubby Auntie Veni & I sat in the front row
Trev freaked out a little cos it was quite dark and loud inside the cave
But he still cheered and danced to the I like to move it move it song
during the ride

Trev didnt look too happy with his papa haha!

But he loves him all the same!

照片 195

JULIAN! Favourite!

Sis and family!

Dad took this video of us
Found it cute cos Ive never seen myself move in a video before
hmm ok can say i got good hair day HEHE

went on the carousel!

Trev picked Alex!
He says Alex like this “AirSACS”

Trev loved the carousel!

So we went on it twice!!

and this time, Trev chose Alex again!

Both wanted Ah gong to carry

& within seconds,


Waterworld was Dad’s kind of thing HAHA!

He actually recorded the entire show on his iphone lol!

was on our way out and we saw Kungfu panda!!!

照片 199

照片 202

照片 203Kungfu panda was ADORABLE

Trev calls Auntie veni ATAH
grandmother in tamil LOL

Trev got up early at 8am that day,
he didnt nap throughout the day
and despite a tiring day at uss,
he could still run around like an energizer bunny after we exited uss!


Trev and ah gong <3

Everyone stoning after a fun and tiring day!
I had fun!
Hoping for much more eventful days together with the family soon!