Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sic Bo

When you’ve had your first,
there’s always a second LOL

MBS with my hubby after Trev went to bed

Been so long since we had time TWOgether
Sometimes I hardly have time to even hold his hands!

crossing over to SPC petrol station to pump petrol
ya right pump into our body MEH?
hahahaha but true la
I wanted to have CUP NOODLES!
pump some energy into me!

this time got time to even smell my hair HAHA

I dined in at SPC lol!
Self service and no GST
plus Hubby pangseh me to eat alone!!!
(btw fml i hate my pinky in this pic!)

my palm is not my tissue paper I dont do that often
dont know why i so unglam also

Chop chop slurped the noodles
Even wanted to buy 旺旺 to eat hoping will WANG


Don’t think phototaking is allowed in the casino
No time to take also

Love sic bo til I swear next time I earn money from a full time job,
I will go and play with my own money own luck
If not later SOMEONE say “is it cos not ur own money so u wont feel pain”