Saturday, September 10, 2011


September seems to be looking good
(saying this just right after I get my allowance, not so sure about later on)

Deduct some expenses on personal necessities,
deduct some expenses on personal vanity,
deduct some mother-to-splurge-on-son-impulsive-buys,
deduct some for food craves,

I’m pretty much leong already

but then,
this month, I wanna get a gift for him
I dont want like last month buy cake buy nerf
like very sad

But I don’t wanna buy watches
So sian

I dont wanna buy shoes
later he run away

I don’t wanna buy clothes
nothing special

I don’t wanna buy branded stuff
No money

I don’t want to buy ornaments
so lame

He say don’t buy nevermind
I think of how to spend the day can already

Wanted to plan by myself but thenz
have something in mind,
but need some cooperation
surprises are risky

We’ll see how things goes!


Trev looking super happy & excited last weekend!
Next post to tell you why!

<3 It’s saturday! The night is still young
but my energy isnt… ZZZ tired