Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A random one on what I’ve been doing at home
for the past one week

People ask what do you do at home?
Won’t you feel bored? like v hard to pass time?
Bored, WILL.. but thats only when im lazy
But ive got to say staying at home makes one kinda lazy
and NUA

IMG_3613Peanuts! Nope, I dont drink beer shake leg and
snack on peanuts at home

But its because i went to NTUC n COLD STORAGE
but those raw peanuts were all OOS!
Hubby wanted to drink lotus root soup
and I was desperate

Cant possibly be my lotus soup got weird combi like corn & carrot right?
peanuts is the main character
Mum said im crazy haha
But i just hiong hiong try!

DSC08057my lotus soup v yummy!
and I painstakingly cracked the peanuts shell
i added whole packet of peanuts into the soup
My AI XIN soup

DSC08051spicy minced pork

IMG_3645Its always entertaining to have Trev with me
Thinking of sending him to school makes me sad!
Happy, but sad too.. I’ll miss him so much so much
BUT NOT YET the school havent call me zzz

IMG_3648Trev and his angry eye



So fun so cheeky!

Also, I have sad news!
Remember the post on Trev’s 1st Pet?

So upset and so failure of me
Not being able to provide the proper care
the turtles needed

Brought the tank to wash one morning
then realize why one turtle FLOATING
and not moving!! it looked bloated
and its neck was extended and like limp

IMG_3667couldnt make out who is this
Whether its Giddy or Dizzy..
RIP Terrapin Lee..
you were one of us

IMG_3668Sad smile
the other wasnt dead but probably really really sad
I googled the causes of death
Probably due to bacteria in the water,
or dont have the half water half land effect
too much water maybe…

My fault… haiz

Good news after the bad,
Is that Trev’s undergoing potty training!
He’s doing really well as compared to the previous time!
He wears his cars2 underwear at home
and did a few pees on his own!
Still a few pee accidents and leaks every now and then

IMG_3631crept behind him

IMG_3630he’ll pull up his tee so wont wet his tee!


super happy and smiley when we praise him!

Hope this continues and becomes permanent!!
Cherishing every bit of my everyday with Trev
before he starts school!