Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rayvelle’s 1ST B’day Party!

Attended Rayvelle’s 1ST Bday party held at NSRCC on Friday!

Rayvelle was the star of the night!
In this sweet album were pictures of her at her photoshoot

Birthday banner!

There was a photographer at the party!!! :O
Pro max!!! I was observing him
He’s super hardworking,
kept going around taking lots of pictures of the kids
once got chance he’ll click click click
Wonder if im in his camera LOL

His daddy clipped his hair
with the mickey clip in the goodie bag

Asked for Trev to say cheese
hoping to get a decent pic of him
But all I got were wacky ones

my clone.. we’re identical
even our ah siao expressions

Then Salina and Melody came!

Trev was shy and didnt mingle much before Mel came
But after meeting Melody,
her familiar friend,
he quickly glued to her


With Salina!
Got to find time to buy u lunch someday!!!
Ur belated bday treat!!! <3

the one who’s always there for me ^-^

With Yixian and Alyssa

I find that they both look so much alike!

Mel doing her solo peace sign
but we always say peace as twist LOL

Then it was Cakecutting!

Tangeok and family

Rayvelle’s bday cake!
Its cream and pretty!
Yummy too!

Mabel, Tangeok, Lin, Yixian and their girls!
So fun to have kids of almost the same age

I go and join LOL
Tangeok waving like mad for us to go over for a pic
but the other mummies walked over slower than me lollol

group pic! Pearl late queen so she wasnt in it

with Sandy!

Happy to see Phelove!
happy to hear her call me Ah yiiii sweetly heehee

Phelove hugged me when I called her over to take pic
Ok set next baby I want girl

weeeheehee with two bao beiS

tak tahan flash

Pearl and Mabel’s Jerbel

lol at Jerbel’s and Pearl’s expressions
over a packet of green tea


Phelove and Trev… and Pokka

Salina taught Mel well
She’s camwhoring can!



Awesome detailed scrapbook Tangeok did up!
vvvvv 用心kind..

Us with Tangeok

managed to snap a pic of the Bday girl!




Ending this post with a pic of us with Rayvelle!

Happy 1st Bday Rayvelle!
& thanks for having us!